Reflex Pickups - Heart and Soul

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Reflex Pickups - Heart and Soul advert 1988

Reflex Reds pickups were introduced in 1988 - they were premium active pickups made in the UK. They were sold in sets along with a separate "black box" preamp which is essential to their correct operation.

"When hit group T’Pau’s lead guitarist ordered Reflex pickups for his guitar, we asked ourselves the following question. ‘Although we are the new boys in town — how come we got this so right, so early?’ The answer lies in the blending of traditional art with studio technology. induction system are just two of the clever ideas built into new Reflex pickups. When you are playing well, your guitar becomes part of your reflex action. Because of their sensitivity, your Reflex pickups become your guitar's ‘Heart and Soul: To get the full story, ask your local dealer about Reflex Reds."


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