Bob Murrell combined his knowledge of guitars and electronics to invent the GuitOrgan. It is a hybrid electric guitar and organ. The strings and frets are wired into a circuit such that the organ notes play when the string is fretted. The organ section in a Guitorgan is a 6-note polyphonic circuit, which allows full guitar chords to be played. There is also a button on the Guitorgan's neck that allows the use of open chords. The instrument also has conventional guitar pickups and the organ notes can be played alone or simultaneously with the guitar. The expert "Guitorganist" can use the Guitorgan's expression pedal to bring the organ in and out of the musical foreground, while playing the guitar at the same time,as if there were two musicians playing.

Weird sound generator guitar


Dan Wagoner modified his first guitar (a Fender stratocaster) to include a weird sound generator analogue synth. The synth control knobs protrude from a hand made pick guard made from a motherboard. Three switches have been mounted in the fingerboard. This instrument liberates the synth player, allowing them to assume outrageous poses previously reserved for guitarists. The downside is there are no strings.

Link: Dan-Wagoner Guitar Synth Mod.


Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is a Japanese electronics company established in 1946. The 1980s saw Casio venture into synthesizers and music keyboards, with their Casiotone, CZ and SD models. In the late 1980s Casio released the DG series for guitarists, essentially keyboards in the shape of guitars with PCM synthesis.

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