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Manufacture of the 422 began in 1996.


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2017$1400good3rd hand piece. Bridge was lifting very very slightly. Had been reglued early 2000s in USA first owner. Shoddy repair job, chisel bridge took chips of top wood with it. Rest of guitar is solid

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TAYLOR 422 reviewed by Anonymous

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A very rare 422 with the Quilt maple back and sides. 1995 batch in USA. 1st owner had reglued bridge sometime in early 2000s, but had done a shoddy job. Bridge outline was too large, and when removing, did not slit the edges or steam. Resulted in small wood split on the top and chipped wood. But glue was good and held through 2nd and current third owner (me). Very solid guitar, 22 years have aged it brilliantly. Very balanced and articulate, different from new Taylors. Not as tinny. Would say it would beat a 600 or 700 series, or even a 800 series new. Surprisingly light too, easy to carry or use. Original purple monkey hardcase is thick, plush but heavy. Latest set-up and monitoring 27/7/17 shows bridge is still solid. Buldging not an issue. Recommended Elixirs Nano .12 for maximum tone. Retail price in 1995 : 4-5k ++ Bought (3rd hand) : 1.4k

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422 start manufacture date

The info "Manufacture of the 422 began in 1998" is incorrect.  The 422 series existed before 1998. There are various 422 models in 1996

Taylor has sent out the following text to an email inquiry:

"First issued in Fall of 1996, the "Koa 400's" consisted of 4 different models. These guitars were not featured in our catalog at the time, but were a feature in the Fall '96 issue of Wood&Steel. In 1999, we reissued the 400 Koas and did a small run of them during the summer, but the actual models were somewhat different from the 1996 models, as listed below...   Total Production in '96: (347) 410-K's, (206) 412-K's, (150) 420-K's, (146) 422-K's "



Thanks, I've fixed the date now.