Condor (guitar synth)

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product types: 

  • guitar synths
  • electric guitars


Condor was a brand used by the Innovex division of Hammond. Around 1970 Condor introduced the GSM (Guitar Sound Modulator) synthesizer that could be controlled using a standard guitar and the RSM (Reed Sound Modulator) synths that could be controlled using reed wind instruments. The Condor GSM allowed the guitar to control a synth with voices and features like sitar, two string bass, organ, harpsichord and more. An exclusive Condor guitar pick-up was used which could isolate each string, and could be fitted to other guitars - although it was also sold fitted to a Condor branded ES-335 style electric made by Ovation. This pickup plugged into the synthesizer, which was a floor standing unit, the synth in turn plugged into a amplifier or the Condor supplied SSM speaker cabinets.

Source: Condor (Hammond Innovex Division) catalog 1970.