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The Dauphin Company was owned by George Dauphinais of Springfield Illinois.  The brand was introduced for classical and flamenco guitars in the 1970s - these were initially made in Japan. A Dauphin classical guitar label from 1996 indicates some were made in Valencia, Spain by Francisco Esteve. As well as his own Dauphin brand guitars, in the early 1980s Dauphinais distributed classical guitars by Masaru Kohno, Masaki Sakurai, Jose Ramirez, Hopf, Manuel Contreras and Eric Sahlin. Dauphinais was a mentor to fellow Springfield resident Kirk Sand who eventually went into business with him before founding Sand Guitars in Laguna Beach, California.

Source: Dauphin guitar label, 1996

Source: Directory of Contemporary American Musical Instrument Makers. 1981. Susan Caust Farrell

Source: Dauphin Company catalog 1981


Dauphin - George Dauphinais
62704 Springfield , IL
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