Fenton Weill

product types: 

  • tube amplifiers
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Henry Weill founded the Fenton-Weill company in 1960 after Jim Burns left the short-lived Burns-Weill parnership. Fenton-Weill made electric guitars and basses as well as amplifers in London. Weill started small in his own house but by 1963 he had a factory at 96 Lots Road in Chelsea, with a number of employees and was making instruments for Hofner and Selmer. By 1965, however, Fenton-Weill was out of the guitar & amp business.

Source: The Burns Book. Paul Day. 1979. PP Publishing.

Source: Early 1960s Fenton-Weill catalog.


Fenton-Weill (Electronics) Ltd
237 Acton Lane
W4 London , LND
United Kingdom
London GB