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Jurkovič Guitars was established in the Czech Republic by Peter Jurkovič.  Peter Jurkovič made his first guitar in 1986 while he was working as a veterinary researcher. Guided by specialized literature and improvements he had been making on his own guitars, he built a copy of a Fender Stratocaster. Later he become more and more successful in his new trade, so he dropped his day job and devoted all his time to guitars. Together with his wife Hana and one of his former students, he established Marcus Guitars in 1991. In 2003 the company became known as "Jurkovič" offering custom guitars and basses. Jurkovic has presented custom guitars to Eric Clapton (in 2006) and Billy Gibbons (in 1996) when they performed in Prague. Jurkovič was also a keen blues musician, and in the latter part of his life played in the Motion Food band with his sons Kubou and Markem. Peter Jurkovič died in 2015.

Source: Jurkovič Guitars website (archived 2007)

Source: Musikus.cz - Peter Jurkovič



Jurkovič Guitars
Masarykovo namesti 24/25
25401 Jilove u Prahy
Czech Republic