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  • mandolins
  • ukuleles
  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Jean Larrivée started out as an apprentice to classical guitar maker Edgar Munch Junior in Toronto in 1967. In 1970 Larrivée aquired a workshop above the Tarragon Theater and began making steel stringed acoustic guitars. He developed an X-bracing system still used today. Larrivée's business grew steadily, which meant several changes of location.  Many talented luthiers spent time working for Larrivée in the 1970s, including: William "Grit" Laskin, Linda Manzer, Sergei de Jong, David Wren and Tony Duggan-Smith. In 1977, seeking a warmer climate, Larrivée moved the business to Victoria on Vancouver Island, BC. At the same time he invested in the development of precision machinery which increased productivity. In 1983s they relocated again to North Vancouver on the mainland and introduced CNC machines to the factory and electric guitars to the product line-up.  2001 saw the opening of a Larrivée workshop in Oxnard, California. In 2013 Larrivée closed the Canadian factory and all production was moved to Oxnard.


Jean Larrivée Guitars USA Inc.
1070 Yarnell Place
Oxnard , CA
United States
California US

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