Rafael Romero

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Rafael Romero (born in 1963) was a professional flamenco guitarist before he met the luthier Mario Melero Deudero and started an apprenticeship in his workshop. When Mario Melero Deudero retired, Rafael Romero took over the workshop. Later he strudied with Jose Romero and Vincente Carrilo. Rafael's skill as a flameco guitarist means he can fully evaluate his guitars before they leave the workshop so they are closely fitted to the needs of the flamenco player. His guitars are played by guitarists like Juan Parrilla, Moraito Chico, Alberto San Miguel and Manuel Parrilla.

Source: Siccas Guitars - Rafael Romero


Guitarrería Flamenca del Luthier Rafael
Calle Gral. Florencio Montojo, 27
11100 San Fernando , CZ
Cadiz ES