Guitar brand missed

Hello everyone! Thanks for the welcome. I have come to this site/forum with the hope to find the answer of my proble here, which I will endlessly appreciate

About 25 years ago I bought a hollow body jazz style guitar which missed the brand logo on it, the person who sold it to me told me it was a DeArmond, through all these years I have had my doubts, and now I'm almost sure it is not a DeArmond, cause searching on the sites I realized the tuning head is not the same shape of DeArmond guitars :-/. I want to restaurate it as new and as first to do so I desperately need to find what is the real brand of this guitar, I looked all places around for an image that match, but no success as far :-( i will be deeply thanksful if anyone could recognize it and give me a feedback. I'll see how I can upload a picture here


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you can add an image by copy & pasting it into the edit box, when you are adding a new forum topic or replying to a topic.

Click on "reply" to this message and try it.

You can also click the image button (which is the 6th icon from the right on the top row) to upload an image,

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Hello Nathan! Thank you so

Hello Nathan! Thank you so much for your quick reply, very kind of you (and btw, sorry dfor my delay).

I already found what is the brand of this old guitar; after I posted here I kept searching using diferent keywords, till I finally came across it. It is an Aria Diamond from somewhere between 60s and 70s. I will upload the picture anyway in case the info is useful for someone else. Btw! I couldn't see the options on the edit box cause I was writing from a mobile phone blush

Thank you so much agai to you and all those who make this site possible.






and here I'm adding the image I found with the brand on it:




please let me know if it

please let me know if it worked, I cannot see any image, but just a link to my desktop...(???)