Avon Les Paul (3403)

  • Avon Les Paul (model 3403) electric guitar
    Avon Les Paul (model 3403)


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The Avon Les Paul copy (model 3403) was made during the 1970s. The Avon brand was used by UK distributer Rose Morris in the 1960s and 1970s as their entry level brand. Avon guitars and basses were typically made in Japan.

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Finish colorsblack finish
Made inJapan
Number of strings6 strings


Body styleLes Paul-style body


Neck jointbolt on neck

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1978£50wornPeaboMine had a dent and burn by the pots, right on the edge of the binding. I should never have traded it in. Big regret

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My friend many years ago had one of these, this guitar inspired him to buy the gibson les paul, a great platform to leave the basics. Sound was ok and they were not bad value for money back then, usualy sold through catalouges so product support was crap! This guitar was the way must people got into music back in the 70's.

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Black Beauty

Nice japanese copy of LP - great wood, nice tuners and bridge, great craftmanship. 

I just updated pickups in mine to real gibsons and for 350$ I'm the owner of perfectly sounding black beauty.

Avon Rose Morris les paul 1974

Just bought this guitar 3 months ago with Wilkinson humbucker pickups for £190 including hard case that's a really good fit, it's not a Gibson les paul custom but it's not to far away and I absolutely love it.

Avon Les Paul

I have just aquired a different version of this guitar.

Mine does not have a 3 way switch,it has 2x2 way switches next to the controls.

This is a very cheaply made guitar made from plywood,with single coils masquerading as humbuckers.

I had to completely strip mine down to bare wood as it was terribly scratched down to the wood.

Now fitted with a 17k warman in the bridge,and a G&B rescued from a PRS S2 in the neck.

Theres no reason why this guitar wont last another 40+ years now,and it still retains that early 70s mojo.