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  • acoustic guitars
  • electric guitars
  • lap steel guitars
  • resonator guitars


Sho-Bud was founded as a pedal steel guitar company in 1955 by steel players Shot Jackson and Buddy Emmons. In 1963 Shot Jackson’s sons, David and Harry,  joined the company. In 1963 Buddy Emmons left Sho-Bud to start the Emmons Guitar Company with Ron Lashley. By the 1970s Sho-Bud also were also making acoustic and resonator guitars under the Sho-Bro brand.  The Jacksons sold the company to Gretsch-Baldwin in 1979.


416 Broadway
Nashville , TN
United States
Tennessee US

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Sho-Bud acoustic Diamond series guitar

We have a Sho-Bud Diamond series # 7722....we are contemplating selling this ...I't s in verygood condition with a small ding on the back which doesn't hurt the sound (had it examined by 2 specialist )....