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The Electa brand name was used for a range of electric guitars, acoustic guitars and basses distributed in Australia. It was first used in the 1970s but it has been used recently as 2009. The 1970s models were made in Japan by the Fujigen Factory (where Ibanez guitars were made), for many of the Electa models there is an identical Ibanez branded model. This brand should not be confused with the similar sounding "Electra" brand of the same period which were made by the Matsumoku factory in Japan.

The recent Electa models (in the 2000s) were most likely made in China, given their budget price tag. They are distributed by the Lamberti Brothers Company of Melbourne. The current electric guitar range is based on Gibson designs, including a Les Paul, 335, flying V and double-cut LP.


Lamberti Brothers
88 Dynon Road Unit 6
3003 West Melbourne


Electa ACOUSTIC Guitar

I have an Electa Acoustic model 1861. There are no indications that its made in Japan (nothing shown on the label inside the body). Its history in my family began (Australia) in the 70's so I assume its the Japanese build. Appears to be a solid top and the body itself is 10 cm deep at the base of the body. There are 20 frets. The logo isn't like the one on the earlier post. The lettering is quite different.... And inside is 2 overlaid triangles like a star of David. Has an adjustable truss rod and height adjustable bridge - the saddle appears to be aluminium. Actually a very easy guitar to play if the action is set low (which you can do) and the neck is quite slim. I have no idea as to its value.

Electa ACOUSTIC Guitar

Just gave the guitar the once over. At the back of the headstock is a Made in Japan sticker. I assume its original.

Electa Guitar

Thanks for the useful information about your Electa guitar

- if you have any photos you're willing to share e-mail them to me at [email protected] and I will add them to the website,


I have an old Electa

I have an old Electa classical, model 1866, solid spruce/indian rosewood. According to various sources, it is made by Ibanez for Aussie market.  A very nice classical guitar.

Electa acoustic guitar

Hi, we have, we think, an Electa hummingbird. We believe anyway.. Model no. 370. How can we learn of this guitar... Made in Japan with also it has the number 51111... Could this be a serial no.?? Cheers steve

Electa hummingbird

Hi sounds as though i have the same guitar

Electa classical

I received this old Electa Model D in the workshop for repairs.
Besides the bridge having come off at some stage, and then bolted back on with 6mm bolts and nuts, I could tell that the guitar was well built, and worthwhile to repair.
Refurbished the bridge, glued back on, replaced the tuners, strung it up ..... what a nice guitar.
The sound hole tag just says “ELECTA” model D, and Japan.

Electa Bass #J752032

Who knows anything about these guitars in regards to pricing etc. I have a great Bass with beautiful sound it's a Electa Bass #J752032 Made in Japan. At a guess by the electrics I'd say 70's anyone know any info?

Electa Bass

Hi Jim,

"Electa" was one of the brands used for guitars made by the Fujigen Factory (mainly known for building the Ibanez guitars in these years) in Japan during the 70s. As far as I know the "Electa" branded guitars and basses were made for the australian market. The serial of your bass follows the same pattern like the one used for Ibanez guitars: The letter stands for the month (A=january; B=february; J=october), the following two digits mark the year (in your case 1975). So your´s was made in october 1975.

A little confusing may be that there is a nearly identical spelled brand: "Electra". These guitars and basses were made during the same time period, with sometimes nearly the same look (both made Les Paul copies for example), but the "Electra" branded guitars were made by the Matsumoku factory (best known for "Aria" guitars) in Japan.

It may be a little difficult to judge the prices, but for every "Electa" bass or guitar there may be a nearly identical "Ibanez" model made in the same year... (you may want to take a look in the Ibanez catalogs from 1975 or 1976 ). I am sure that an "Ibanez" branded guitar or bass will get a higher price but maybe there are some collectors who are interested in these "Electa" instruments... You may get a little more than half of the price of the "sister bass" of your "Electa"... I assume - if it is in a very good condition - that you may get approx. 300.- to 600.- US$....

I hope that was helpful...

All the best from Germany,


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Left handed

Hey everyone,

I bought a left handed, sunburst Electa Les Paul style recently. It isn't quite original as it has had what I think is an intonation tweek, and also a seymour duncan put into the bridge.

Is anyone able to fill me in with how/where i can dig up more info on these guitars? As this one I picked up is pretty AWESOME!!!

Electa RR style V

I recently brought a electa RR style V with floyd rose tremlo, just wondering where these are made and what year they were produced.

Electa Les Paul

Hi there,

Hoping someone can help. I just bought an Electa Les Paul "Classic" from a friend of mine. Love it! Plays, sounds and looks beautiful! 

I don't know how old it is, or whether it is a japanese or chinese manufactured unit. There's no serial number anywhere that I could find, but on opening it  up, I found it had Epiphone pickups (57CH (neck) and 57HOTCH (bridge) - i think!). Not sure if they were put in later or came as standard in the guitar.

Anyway, anyone with any tips on how to find out how old and where it was manufactured would be greatly appreciated!




Electa 2405 Custom Agent

Thanks for your informative page!
I have an Electa 2405 Custom Agent, LP style, mid 1970s, made in Japan. Mahogany body, set neck, rosewood finger board. I've owned and played it since 1984, its still one of my main guitars. Its a fantastic guitar. Having been played consistently for 28 years it has needed to go to luthiers a few times for fret dresses and a refret. All who work on it comment on what a nice guitar it is and they are amazed at how well it plays and its tuning stability.
I love this guitar and will hold on to it always. Happy to send pics if you like.

Electa Les Paul

They were made in China in the Epiphone factory during 2000-2013 timeframe, discontinued after the Lamberti Brothers died and their kids stopped getting them made.

Electa les paul classic

I put Epiphone humbuckers in mine .
They definitely weren’t standard.
I bought mine in early 2000’s.
Probably made in China.

What colour is yours ?

I wonder if it was my old one?

Electa Les Paul Classic

Every Electa I have come across has had Epiphone pick ups in it. I now own two LP’s and a New Orleans Jazz Hollow Body