Brawley Guitars A122 (Threat Limited)

  • Brawley Guitars A122 electric guitar
    Brawley Guitars A122 electric guitar


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  • electric guitars

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2000 to 2002

The Brawley A122 was produced between 2000 and 2002
Features and specifications:
* Patented Automatic Locking Tuners with 18:1 ratio
* Satin chrome hardware with bright accents
* Teflon®-impregnated graphite nut
* Patented Re-flex™ dual action truss rod
* Fast, comfortable, one-piece Canadian maple neck
* Indian rosewood fretboard with 240mm (9.5") radius
* Genuine abalone inlays
* Twenty-two Jumbo nickel-silver frets
* Comfort-Carved Louisiana swamp ash body
* AAAA Grade flamed maple top
* Integrated, flush-mounted Jim Dunlop Strap-locks
* High-quality 500K Ohm control potentiometers
* Die-cast volume and tone control knobs
* Brawley Custom Alnico pickups; paraffin-potted
* Wilkinson tremolo bridge
Color options: Black Transparent, Blue Transparent, Orange Transparent or Antique Burst


Prices (3)

2011$229excellentKallen McCracken
2000£500goodjohn evisoncool guitar
2014$75goodThis guitar was a fixer upper that I purchased for my dings..the previous owner apparently wasn't interested in the unit...after replacing the Wilkerson tremolo unit....and getting it in playing's one of my gig guitars...and I play Fender strat a Vintage Kramer's a great guitar...worth much more than what you will pay retail for the same quality

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Brawley A-122

I snagged a mint one of these three years ago and it's turned out to be one of the nicest guitars I own.

The Brawley's are far better built and outfitted than most Fenders but they can usually be purchased for peanuts. If you see one, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. The pick-ups are a bit warm for some guys but if you don't like em, have em rewound and keep rocking. It'll be worth it!

Brawley guitars- very well made of quality materials but...

I tried to love my beautiful Brawley but it just doesnt sound very good. I've had it for 10 years. During that time it sat idle while I tinkered with partscasters. cheap parts and mediocre craftsmanhsip on my part but  always something interesting in the tone that I dont hear in the Brawley.

Ive strarted stripping the body, suspecting the amazing finish is snuffing out the life in the wood. Its flame maple on top of a swamp ash body. It should sound better. I put the neck on a partscaster and  even that seemed to marginilize the tonal character that the previous neck had supported.




Brawley Limited A122

Just replaced one I owned fifteen years ago. I burned through the frets of the first two I owned then traded them in for the flavor of the week. I obviously liked them enough to wear the frets down but took them for granted somehow cause they were so cheap and accessible. Never forgot the limited though which is still an incredible bargain on the used market. So I ran one down recently and reconnected. Almost sold my 89 Fender Deluxe after an AB -decided it’s just different not worse. Anyways twenty years later, and not even any sprout or scratchy pots. And the tone is so good and unique from Fender. Plays like a charm. I’m in love for good this time!