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  • acoustic guitars

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1980 to 1996

Manufacture of the DR-2 begin in the 1980s and ended in 1996


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1985$150excellentjason carsonbought at a flee market used for me by my dad it was my first guitar i was about 8 years old im now 32 i really wish i knew the age serial number 88010158 does not say usa or korea
2012€160goodRichard DroogendijkI bought it including a case, from the first owner, he bought it in the nineties new for 699 guilders by Peter Verspuy in Rotterdam Netherlands. The guitar has a little belly, but is in very good condition. it's a made in korea with serialnr.9008000014
1992$286excellentJohn B
2015£185.00wornChrisBeautiful matured guitar. Its a 1989 which I purchased because of the tone and playability. It sounds just wonderful, which I put down to the rosewood back and sides.
1981$40newGordonNot my first guitar but it's my favorite including my Gibson j10 and my Martin d28

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Incorrect mfg date

I am the original owner of a Sigma DR 2 that was given to me new as a gift in 1991.  I believe the DR 2 was manufactured by Sigma starting in the 1980's.