Plug in confusion.

Start off, thanks for the time and energy to this topic.

I DL Sketchup 8 for quick and dirty model making for a makerbot.  I also DL the plugins which you provided in proper sequence per your directions.  I cannot make a successful .STL file.

I do the export box by giving [inches], I have used stl in the next option box,then save.  I go to my save location and get a Security Cert.  I change the open with command to sketchup. 

The makerbot interface does not see it.

windows 7, 64 bit, Sketchup 8(latest).

Thank you again.

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Plugin confusion

By default windows does not recognise the .STL file extension as a CAD file (instead it thinks it is a security certificate file).

Changing the STL "opens with" option to Sketchup will not work, because Sketchup does not open STL files by default. You can import STL into sketchup though, using the STL importer plugin:

Link: Jim's Sketchup STL importer plugin.

I don't know how the Makerbot interface works, but as far as I know you don't open the STL file with the Makerbot interface: you open the STL file with Skeinforge (or similar) program which generates a G-Code file. You then upload this G-code file to your Makerbot machine.

Link: Makerbot and Sketchup,

I hope this helps,