Epiphone the Gibson gift box 1974

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Epiphone the Gibson Gift Box Advert 1974

This ad was by UK Epiphone distributer Rosetti. The text of the ad is:

Epiphone is the Gibson gift box

Designed, quality controlled and fully approved by the makers of Gibson Guitars, the Epiphone range offers every guitarist excellence in both performance and appearance... at a remarkably low price.

There are classics, folk guitars, electric acoustics and electrics, 16 in all. And a banjo.With every 'box' packed full of value, brimming with music. Get the Rosetti Guitar Brochure and take your pick. 

A complete range of classic, folk, electric acoustic & acoustic guitars. Chrome—plated machine heads with attractive buttons. Superb rosewood fingerboard, with block inlays. Veneered rosewood rims and back. Fine, laminated spruce top and multiple body binding. Fast, low action three—piece adjustable neck r Decorative purfling rings and adjustable bridge.

Recommended and serviced by Rosetti.