Introducing Fender's new panel of experts 1988

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Introducing Fenders new panel of experts - Fender Champ 12 advert 1988

This Fender ad was published a couple of years after Fender Musical Instruments Corporation was launched - following the purchase by the Fender employees from CBS. Some of the first products launched were the Fender Champ 12 amplifier and an updated Fender Twin - and these are mentioned in the advert which displays the controls from a Fender Twin. Also prominent are the red control knobs introduced in 1987 and used up until 1993. The text of the ad reads:

Introducing Fender's new panel of experts

With more whistles and bells than a luxury sedan, the new Fender Twin is the modern pinnacle of vacuum tube technology. Hi-Lo Power Switching, Tri-Mode Channel operation, a Power-Amp-Thru jack for driving slave amps, Assignable Reverb and a post distortion Presence Notch Control, are just some of its most requested features. While Channel 2 gives you anything from a nasty Texas honk to a screaming English crunch, Channel 1 still delivers that clean almost magical warmth that’s made the Twin the most widely recognized and imitated amplifier in history.
The Champ 12, the twin and the dual Showman Stack are all available for immediate demonstration. Telephone 01-208 0022 for your nearest participating dealer.
Fender: we make history.