need info about a delta guitar

 a semi hollow body delta- model number SHM-906 BR, i found an eagle brand that had pretty much the same guitar-its red with gold hardware



Anyone have a foreign Delta they don't want anymore, or any full size non-electric acoustic Guitar. I really want a Guitar so I can start practicing and learn how to play. I literally only have 10 bucks to my name, and I need that for food. Would like to eventually be able to play at bars here where I live. Gotta make money somehow.

Delta Acoustic D901/BLK

DELTA D901/BLK   I just bought this amazing guitar for $25.00, it sounds & playes great. I need a pearloid tuneing knob, set screw & the round cover that goes over the tuning gear. Any help selling these items to me??? Or a good place to start looking for them???



Delta LP Gold Top

I just purchased a delta Nashville Tennessee gold top with pearl pick guard and hard case. waiting for it to get shipped to me. can't wait to get it , sounds like they are good instruments for the price