Problems with skp_to_dxf.rb

I am trying to export an object (longboard) in sketchup as a dxf file.  When I Export it I am using Polyface mesh. It comes up with the message saying 2874 Faces exported 4 lines exported 6950 objects ignored.  

Please let me know what the best thing to do is. I have attached a picture of the longboard that I wish to export.



Check out the object I am trying to export at



Exporting to DXF polyface mesh


I managed to export that model successfully, using Sketchup version 7.0.

The messagebox came up saying "2874 Faces exported 4 lines exported 2739 objects ignored. " That mesage doesn't mean there is an error though, some of the entities in the sketchup model can't be used in DXF polyface mesh files (these are the objects ignored). This also suggests that there are 4 lines that don't belong to any face, which might be extraneous to the model.

Does the export produce any DXF file, and if so how are you testing the resulting DXF file? The polyface mesh is a 3D-type DXF file, which some CAM software might not be able to process.


Hi Nathan! Thank you very

Hi Nathan!

Thank you very much for your reply.  Sorry it took me so long to get back to you!  Thank you very much for trying and succeeding with the exporting of the file.  I am gooing to testing the resulting DXF File with an individual who has some CAM software.  If everything is OK we will cut the longboard!  I will let you know how it turns out!