GUILD Duane Eddy 500

  • Guild Duane Eddy Deluxe DE 500 guitar
    Guild Duane Eddy Deluxe DE 500 guitar


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1962 to 1974

GUILD manufactured the Duane Eddy 500 between 1962 and 1974. Guild, whilst using general artist endorsements did not manufacture many instruments using artist endorsement as model designations, unlike Gibson who made several in the sixties. One player selected for this honour was rock ‘n’ roll star Duane Eddy, During the same period as the George Barnes guitars were made, Guild designated the DE—400 as the Duane Eddy Standard model, and the DE- 500, as the Duane Eddy Deluxe.

Both guitars utilised the famous Guild shape of 17"jazz single cutaway body, but of 2" depth. Both guitars had spruce tops on maple bodies, the Deluxe being curly maple. The Standard had a mahogany neck with block inlaid rosewood fingerboard, whilst the Deluxe was a maple neck with genuine two colour mother of pearl block inlaid ebony board. The original Duane Eddy models featured the white single coil anti~hum Guild pick- ups, with a master volume control in addition to the usual twin volume and tone controls and the toggle selector switch. The Guild Bigsby vibrato tail-piece was fitted to both guitars.

Whilst Guild’s artist endorsement models were limited, George Barnes and Duane Eddy were in their time foremost jazz and rock players respectively, giving valuable exposure to this maker. Latterly Guild have been noted more by the players who use these instruments by choice, like John Denver, Paul Simon, Richie Havens and so-on, rather than players collecting royalties on their name applied to a specific model. The artist’s choice must always prove a higher endorsement than a player being paid to endorse instruments for advertising. 

Reference: Ken Achard. Mainly Electric, The Guild George Barnes and Duane Eddy guitars. Guitar, March 1978 page 9.


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