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Sworn Enemy is a hardcore/metalcore band out of Queens in New York City.

The band formed in 1997 as Mindset, a product of the extremely expansive and influential New York Hardcore scene. Since its inception the band has centered around vocalist Sal Lococo and guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci.

The band's early output as Mindset was limited to a demo, an appearance on the New Found Hope II - The First Amendment compilation CD, and a 3 song 7 inch named State Of Mind.

Soon after the State Of Mind release, another band named Mindset appeared on the underground metal scene, having existed as Mindset before the Queens Mindset. Therefore, Sal, Lorenzo, Mike Raffinello, Jimmy Sagos and Paul changed their name to Sworn Enemy.

The band continued to improve and play shows anywhere they could, making an incredible name for themselves in a very short time. In 2001 the band released Negative Outlook on Jamey Jasta's Stillborn Records. The record was a brutal mix of old school hardcore punk and new school breakdowns and attitude, and it quickly gained the band attention in the entire hardcore scene. Soon after came Integrity Defines Strength, the title being a play on the I.D.S. crew that Sworn Enemy claimed loyalty to. It contained 3 new songs and a live set at CBGB.

Sworn Enemy's association with Stillborn and hard working business ethic led to the band signing a release deal with Elektra Records in 2003. The result was As Real As It Gets. It was clear that the band was expanding their style as the CD featured a large thrash metal influence, as well as abrasive, near-black metal styled vocals on Sal's part. The new style and worldwide distribution led a large number of heavy metal fans to Sworn Enemy, as did tours with bands such as Anthrax.

In early 2006 The Beginning Of The End was released on Abacus Records, a division of Century Media focusing on underground metal and hardcore inspired bands. The new record displayed even more thrash influence, and was immediately followed with a national tour with Six Feet Under.

Shortly after the release of The Beginning of the End, Abacus Records folded and Sworn Enemy was once again without a label. This time, their former parent company Century Media took them in, and the band released the heavier, thrash-metal inspired Maniacal in 2008. Though the album was well-received, Century Media decided not to renew their contract and the band was released. They quickly bounced back and released Total World Domination in June 2009 via Regain Records. Read more about Mike Couls on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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