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  • MARLIN SIDEWINDER K34 electric guitar


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The Marlin sidewinder was a budget Korean made Strat copy. In 1986 there were two basic variants the K32 and K34 both had plywood bodies but the pickups and hardware varied. The K32 was closest to a strat copy with three single coils (but a rail pickup at the bridge) maple fingerboard and a traditional style tremolo (with optional locking trem). The sidewinder K32 came in traditional strat colours.

The sidewinder K34 was the more hard rock style guitar with coil tapped humbucking rail pickup at the bridge plus 2 single coils and 7 metallic finishe options (with body matching headstock). Tremolo options were locking and non locking.

Both the K32 and K34 have the Marlin fish inlay at the 12th fret. The neck plates on these models caused some people to believe they were made in the UK  as the inscription on the plate reads  "Marlin  British Music Strings, Wales, UK" - but this is just the address of the UK distributor.

The low cost and reasonable build quality meant that the Marlin Sidewinder was the best selling UK guitar from 1986 to 1988.


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1986£139newRRP for a new top of the range Sidewinder.
1988£150newSandy Macdonald sanjaymac@bt.....just received back 17 December 2015 after leaving with a friend on moving house in 2001. I forgot about it! The instrument has only been played a few times, it was bought for one of our daughters who shortly afterwards went to Uni, and sadly gave up the guitar. I have recently retired, am again having 'Classical' lessons with my old Tutor, mentioned this Marlin to him, and he suggested I take it along to my next lesson for him to 'look at.....', here we are! Thank you for your time and a very Merry Christmas!
1988£100newJennyK32 02

Reviews (3)

MARLIN SIDEWINDER reviewed by Stephen dickey

Average: 5 (1 vote)
Had one of these Guitars in the 80s wish i had of kept it, loved it, an affordable super strat.

MARLIN SIDEWINDER reviewed by Anonymous

Average: 5 (1 vote)
Brilliant electric for beginners yes it's heavy but that's a good sign of a solid long-lasting hard wearing body and a maple neck I got mine in the early 1980s and learnt to play a guitar with it I love that guitar and it's travelled with me all around the world its neck bowed once but it was my own fault for leaving it for months at my parents home, when I picked it up someone had placed it too near the radiator. I soon fixed that with a little adjustment on the truss rod and it was back to factory specifications the only thing wrong with it is the bridge is a little too close to the neck (millimetres too close) but I'm on with moving it back at the moment but still a best buy for the money with years of enjoyment after purchase. I think it's as good as any Strat and sounds better than Ibanez. I have used a great value guitar that will last for years. I got mine whilst in college and still have it coming up to my retirement 40 years later now who won't buy something cheap and long lasting like a sidewinder very durable at an excellent price. Yes they are made in Korea but who gives a a damn, they are so good I cannot say a bad thing about them so I gave you a life story instead. I call mine my baby and its lasted longer than my relationships.

MARLIN SIDEWINDER reviewed by Benwell Floyd Shaun

Average: 4 (1 vote)
Brilliant budget guitar back in the 80's. Only needed a small amount of setting up straight out of the box. Lovely feel, action and tone, the only drawback is it was backachingly heavy

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