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Brandoni Custom Guitars was founded by Roberto Brandoni. Brandoni was born in the town of Castelfidardo in Italy, an area with a rich history in accordion and guitar making. His first involvement in instrument making was in his uncle's accordion factory. After he relocated to England and worked in various parts of the UK music industry; initially working on accordions, reed organs and Fender guitars for distributors Dallas-Arbiter. He then established his own distribution Company, supplying cables, cases and other music related accessories. Brandoni's involvement with guitars started when he purchased large stocks of Vox and Hayman spare parts and set up a workshop in Wembley. Here he produced and customised instruments from these original parts, as well as supplying bodies, necks and guitar kits. On a trip to Italy he bought a large quantity of Vox Peardrop and Phantom electric 12 string guitars with original cases in mint condition, having been untouched for 25 years. When Eko closed their Italian factory in 1987, Brandoni bought up their entire inventory of instruments and parts and was able to offer these for sale. Roberto Brandoni died in 2022 and Brandoni Guitars temporarily stopped trading.

Source: Brandoni Custom Guitars website (20 April 2022)


Brandoni Music Ltd, Unit 35 Wembley Commercial Centre,
East Lane
HA9 7XX Wembley , LND
United Kingdom
London GB

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