Mark Wescott

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Mark Wescott began his training as an apprentice in cabinet making and furniture restoration. His interest in guitars was a natural outgrowth of his being a member of a musical household in which there are numerous violins, violas, and cellos. Although surrounded by classical instruments, his enjoyment of guitar music led him to combine his woodworking skills and his background in the pursuit of guitar building.In 1980 he attended the Charles Fox Research and Design School and built his first guitar under the guidance of George Morris. At this point, he refitted his cabinet making shop to accommodate his new interest in guitar making. In 1982 Mark attended Richard Schneider’s Kasha Design Seminar and continued on in apprenticeship for one year. He was resident luthier for a period of three years at Lost Mountain Center for the Guitar in Washington state. It was there that he acquired a solid foundation in Radial Soundboard Bracing for classical guitars. He continues to use this as the basis for his steel string designs. He feels that it allows for a more direct relationship between the bracing and the bridge. His latest guitars reflect the continued growth of his steel string designs and his commitment to excellence.

Source: Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (ASIA) Newsletter #10;  December 1990.


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