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The Rossli Guitar Company is an English guitar brand operating in Kent, producing small numbers of instruments. Rossli has been associated at various times with luthiers Robin Day and Andy Crockett. Limited information suggests Rossli guitars were being made in the early 1980s, so the brand predates this period. The company still appears to be still active today, via Robin Day's Beartone brand.


The Rossli Guitar Company KEN
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Rossli Guitars

I bought a Rossli Strat style guitar this week on eBay - it has great pickups , really powerful and full toned and quality electrics; the tone pot actually does, for once make a real difference to the tone. It is from 1982 and I am delighted with it.

Rossli Strat

I bid on that guitar too! Looked like a nice instrument: handmade in the UK, mahogany bodied and a great price. Hope you enjoy it, just as well you won it as I haven't really got the room for it!


Rossli Strat

I think that was the one I sold, yes price was low... Then a drummer, now playing guitar !! I should have kept it ! Ha...