Version of Plugin for Linux

Hello all,

Firstly, huge thanks for the plugin. As a Makerbot user in need of a sensible designing suite, I like Sketchup but your plugin is what makes it usable at all! Major props.

I just got Sketchup working on Linux, and along the way I made a small tweak to the Plugin to make it work with WINE. Apparently the line breaks used in Windows don't match the ones used in Unix, and this leads to failure with 3rd-Party Plugins for Sketchup (which otherwise works quite nicely) on Linux.

Funny thing: I installed Sketchup on my Macbook and found that it ran terribly, barely usable in fact. Upon installing Ubuntu and running it in WINE, it runs very smoothly indeed! <3 Ubuntu.

Anyway, here's a link to the Plugin, where I've put it up on the Makerbot user's group. I hope someone else finds it handy!


Linux version: great news

Many thanks for this. It's great to know people are using it to make stuff and that it can run on Linux. This could introduce Sketchup to a new community of users