YAMAHA RGX 420S D6 (Drop 6)

  • Yamaha RGX-420S D6 (gray) electric guitar
    Yamaha RGX-420S D6 (gray)
  • Yamaha RGX-420S D6 (green) electric guitar
    Yamaha RGX-420S D6 (green)
  • Yamaha RGX-420S D6 (black) electric guitar
    Yamaha RGX-420S D6 (black)


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2001 to 2003

YAMAHA manufactured the RGX 420 SD6 (Drop 6) between 2001 and 2003. It was a baritone (longer scale) version of the RGX 420 S, which allows for a lower tuning - signalled by the "Drop 6" decal on the peghead. The RGX-420S D6 had a solid alder super-strat body (Satin Black, Satin Gray or Metallic Green finish). Pickups were 2 humbuckers with 1 selector switch and a bypass "blower" switch which routes the signal direct from the bridge humbucker to the output jack. The black hardware included a double locking tremolo.

Specifications (21)


Controls materialblack controls
Number of control knobs2 control knobs
Pickup selector controls1 pickup selector switch, bypass switch
Tone controls1 tone control
Volume controls1 volume control


Pickups configuration2 humbucker pickups


Finish colorsblack finish, gray finish, green finish
Finish effectsmetallic finish, satin finish
Made inKorea
Number of strings6 strings
Scale length26.25 inches scale-length


Body materialalder body
Body stylesuper strat style body


Bridgedouble locking tremolo
Hardware colorblack hardware


Fingerboard materialrosewood fingerboard
Fingerboard position markersdot fingerboard position markers


Neck jointbolt on neck
Neck materialmaple neck
Number of frets24 fret
Tuner layoutsix-in-a-row tuners

Prices (5)

2002$200newLike to know the wood used to make the neck and body.
2001$125goodGood shredder with down tuning capability.
2005£90goodTomMaple Neck, Alder Body, 24 frets, 2 humbuckers and a floyd rose for 90 quid.

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The body is alder and the neck is maple with rosewood fretboard pickups are yamaha's high output double humbuckers. Its a korean made guitar. And if you have one keep it. They are discontinued and rare. I have a january of 2001 model and im never letting it go

RGX420S D6

Bought mine in 2003, new from the store... still going strong, stays in tune, & the Floyd has never once given me a problem. Needs a re-fret, but the neck is still perfect, & the guitar roars. Never getting rid of mine, either.

Re: Tuning

hi, what tuning you used it? i want to use mine for Eb Standard .. what string gauges should i use? my other guitar in which in E Standard , i used 9~42 ..

These are going to fly up in

These are going to fly up in value.

Hugely underated and amazing for metal etc.

I agree! Can't find them for

I agree! Can't find them for love or money! Well worth a grand quality wise, a shred beast with real growl.