Washburn Festival Tanglewood

Hello. I have a deep bellied Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric Washburn, Serial # 92211. It has the logo on the back of the headstock and on the center brace, along with the name "Tanglewood." It has the oval sound hole, florentine cutaway and the Washburn logos on the back of each tuning key. The gain and equalizer knobs have a wood collar around them. The electrics are of the passive type, no battery. There is another set of numbers up inside where the gain box is and they are 127065. Near as I can tell, it is all solid wood, no laminate.

What MODEL guitar is this? When was it produced? What was it's reatail value, and what is it worth today? Do I have a really good "oldie and goodie?" It plays sweetly, with good action.

I have to update my homeowners ins policy, and I want this sweetheart listed, at todays replacement value or retail, which ever is higher.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Washburn Festival guitar

Hi Jack,

I'll have to research this one - I'll get back to you ASAP



Washburn Tanglewood

Checked the Vintage Guitar Price guide, 2009 , they have hardly any information about Washburn acoustics.

Washburn serial numbers are a bit hit and miss. according to the BlueBook of acoustic guitars:

When the Washburn trademark was revived again in 1964, the first production of Washburn acoustic guitars was in Japan. Washburn electric guitars debuted in 1979, and featured U.S. designs and Japanese production.

Production of Washburn guitars changed to Korea in the mid- to late 1980s; a number of U.S.-produced Chicago Series models were introduced in the late 1980s as well. Serial numbers from 1988 on use the first two digits of the instrument’s serial number to indicate the year the instrument was produced (1988 = 88XXX). This process works for most, but not all, of the instruments since then.

Looking on Google it seems these guitars have been around since the late 1970s, so your guitar might predate the 1988 serial number convention (92211 doesn't necissarily mean it was made in 1992).

The BlueBook of acoustic guitars lists the Washburn festival series, but does not mention a tanglewood model - it only lists the model numbers EA40 etc.  But guitars with similar specifications to yours sold new for at least $1000, but have a resale value of around $500. A Washburn Tanglewood recently sold on e-bay for $300, looks like they got a good deal. This one had a serial number P92236  - just 25 digits different from yours.I'll add this model to the website before the e-bay pictures are lost forever


This youtube video supposedly shows a Washburn Tanglewood owned by English rock&roller Cliff Richards. It has the same wood collar around the control knobs that you describe, does this guitar look like yours?

Yes this is like mine, except

Yes this is like mine, except I have a natural colored top. Thanks again. I found out that it is an EA45.

I have this guitar

I have a guitar as described serial number p92175 headsrock 027065. It's my understanding feom the gentleman I bought it from that the original owner bought it in 77' and that the ea45 is what they began calling them years later.


I also have a similar guitar I was told when I bout it in 92 that it was from the 70's, Mine has 2 big brass control knobs for tone and volume control up next to the neck of the body, anyone else have this feature, I would also like to know an approximate value, Mine is also a natural lite color top, it is my favorite and I play it everyday, I have Gibson Les Pauls but this is my goto everyday for fun instrument and the tone is beautiful.

Washburn Tanglewood

I also have this Guitar, Bob Dylan used it on his 1980’s tour , it’s Tobacco burst all solid wood, it can be seen on the Real Live album Cover Photo.