stl into NetGen

Hi Nathan,

I am using your plugin to export STL file and input them into NetGen to generate mesh for FEA simulation.

I got errors like" TRIG 103 has 5 neighbours!!!!" in NetGen. Maybe it is a problem with my model. I'll keep try it.





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Yeah. It's the problem of the

Yeah. It's the problem of the model. There is a line between two parts. It seems they are not joined together. 



You could try the Manifold plugin

TIG's manifold plugin for sketchup might help to clean up your model, if that is the problem,

you can download it from the sketchUcation forum:

This plugin tries to fix your sketchup model it so it is 'manifold' for 3D-printing etc.

It removes 'non-face/non-edge' entities.
It removes 'disconnected geometry'.
It removes 'unfaced-edges'.
It runs an initial 'health-check' and reports.
It removes face 'flaps'.
It heals 'holes'.
It removes 'internal faces'.
It orients all faces consistently to face 'outwards'.
It erases 'coplanar edges' [optional].
It 'triangulates' all of the faces [optional].
It highlights major errors.

no problem now

changed the way to draw the model. All works well now.Got a lot help from TIG.