DEFIL ROMEO 2 #unknown

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This Romeo 2 bass is owned by the bass player of indie-pop band The Old-Fashioned Way. It is a classic 1970s example of the cheesy Polish guitar brand Defil, in the style of the Hofner violin (Beatle) bass. But Defil never made slavish copies, and the design of this bass has its own twists on the Hofner shape, with a teardrop sound hole and asymmetric headstock.

This bass is currently for sale for $900 on (December 2009). The tuning pegs have been upgraded to modern silver ones. Comes with soft shell roadrunner case with backpack straps and handle.

Link: Romeo2 sound samples on MySpace

Link: Buy this guitar on Etsy

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This was my Romeo 2. I sold it on Craigslist for $500 after a non paying buyer on eBay flaked on the final $989.00 price. My collection is now down to two MIJ Beatle basses. Romeo 2's new home is in a punk band in SF.