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Carl Martin Acoustic GiG

Carl Martin Acoustic Gig Multi-Effects Pedal Tan

The Acoustic GiG multi-effects pedal begins with Carl Martins Compressor/Limiter circuit. Individual controls for compression and level allow for simple and easy operation. Next is the well-known and highly respected Vintage Style Echo, with controls for level, tone, repeat, and tap-tempo, plus the Dotted 8th Note switch for a beautiful musical echo. The Reverb is a new Analogue/Digital Hybrid, tailored after the vintage-style spring reverbs suitable for guitar.

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Valeton is a Chinese effects pedal brand. The team behind Valeton had been producing designing and building products for other brands for 10 years before coming together as a single company, with a new catalogue of original designs. The range  includes affordable effects pedals, multi-fx processors and amplifiers.

Source: Valeton website (14 March 2022)

Gamechanger Audio

GAMECHANGER AUDIO was started in 2015 by Ilja Krumins, Kristaps Kalva, Martins Melkis and Didzis Dubovskis. Their first project was to create a sustain and sostenuto pedal for all musical instruments. The first prototype of the PLUS Pedal was completed in December 2016. The following year, the PLUS Pedal was brought to life through a successful crowdfunding campaign, and it became widely available in 2018. Their next project was the revolutionary PLASMA Pedal. The PLASMA was also successfully crowdfunded, and manufacturing began in the Autumn of 2018. Since then, they have gone on to develop the MOTOR Synth, the LIGHT Pedal, three additional variations on the PLASMA Tube circuit, and most recently the BIGSBY Pedal. Their research and manufacturing base is in Riga, Latvia.

Source: Gamechanger Audio website (22 March 2022)

Chase Bliss Audio

Chase Bliss Audio was founded in 2013 in Minnesota by Joel Korte. Korte was a qualified electrical engineer who quit his corporate job in 2008 to go and work at ZVEX Effects. He carried on working at ZVEX while studying for a postgraduate degree in Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences. Having completed his postgrad degree in 2013 he decided to strike out on his own and founded Chase Bliss Audio. He named the company in honor of his brother Chase who was killed in 2007 after his car was struck by a drunk driver; and a favorite quote of Chase's, "Follow Your Bliss" by Joseph Campbell. His goal is to give unprecedented digital control to original and creative analog designs that are designed and made in the USA.

Source: Chase Bliss Audio website (21 March 2022)

Analog Alien

Analog Alien is a boutique guitar effects company established in 2010 by brothers Joe and Jack Napoli (Cloud 9 Recording Inc.). They got started in effects pedal building through first modifying some of the large collection of effects pedals owned by their Cloud 9 Studio, and then offering mods for other guitarists. Jack then decided to have a go at building pedals from scratch, learning from books and by trial & error. He made several prototypes until he felt confident that he had a pedal that most guitar players would want to have in their collection, even if they didn't really have a pedal collection. He tested the circuit using several different guitars and amps until he was satisfied with the results. He also let other guitarists use it but never said that he made it. Soon his overdrive/fuzz face pedal became the pedal of choice for a lot of guitarists that were recording in the studio.

Damage Control

Damage Control Engineering was founded in 2004 by four ex Line 6 employees: Pete Celi (embedded systems expert), Gregg Stock (analog engineer), Lucian Tu (industrial designer) and Dave Fruehling (embedded systems expert). Their first products were a line of four tube-driven distortion units: first the Demonizer and Womanizer and, later, Liquid Blues and Solid Metal.  Dave and Pete designed some more intensive DSP-driven pedals also incorporating tubes known as TimeLine and Glass Nexus.  Although the pedals got great reviews, sales did not take off, and the team increasingly spent time consulting for other firms instead of working on new Damage Control pedals. Lucian Tu left the team, but a colleague Terry Burton who had been working independently in the Damage Control offices came up with the Strymon brand name.


Damage Control Engineering was founded in 2004 by Pete Celi, Gregg Stock and Dave Fruehling, their first products were a line of tube-driven effects pedals. In 2009 they began to develop effects under the Strymon brand name. With models like the OB.1, a simple clean compressor and boost, and the Lex, a small power-house rotary pedal, to BigSky reverb and Timeline delay, Strymon has established itself as a leading guitar effects brand.

Source: Strymon Effects Pedals website (16 February 2022)


Radial Engineering was founded in 1996 by Peter Janis. Janis had a background in music and pro audio industry having worked for TMI for 10 years before starting his own company. He took over Canadian cable company, Cabletek in 1991 and renamed it JP Cabletek Electronics Ltd. in 1992. JP Cabletek imported various brands including Presonus, Audix Microphones, Hafler, Microtech Gefell, Mogami cables, Jensen Transformers and Sonex acoustical products. Over the next few years the company grew to making custom snakes while Janis decided to expand globally. He chose a company name that could be easily translated into many languages (Radial Engineering) and a logo that represents the inside of a quad cable, in 1996 he launched the first Radial product, the Radial JDI. In 2022 Radial employed over 100 people and produced a range of pro-audio gear including: direct boxes, splitters and audio interfacing devices.

Jam Pedals

Jam Pedals is a guitar & bass effects company located in Athens, Greece. It was founded by Jannis Anastasakis around 2007. Jam was initially as a one man operation but now has a small workforce who hand-make, hand-paint and meticulously inspect each pedal before shipping. They also have a custom shop offering point-to-point wiring, limited runs, cross-genre and cross-medium artwork applications.

Source: Jam Pedals website (14 February 2022)


Eventide was founded in 1970 by Steve Katz, Richard Factor and Orville Greene. Their first product was a tape search unit for the Ampex MM1000 multitrack recorder. They then developed a digital delay line with possibly the first use of RAM in an audio product - with a optional pitch changer. Their first widespread success was the H910 Harmonizer - developed in 1973. Their family of Harmonizers became the industry standard. Eventually they squeezed their legendary effects into the effects pedal format including the TimeFactor, PitchFactor, ModFactor and Space units. In 2015 they launched the Eventide H9 multieffects unit, which combined their delay, pitch, modulation, and reverb algorithms into a single enclosure with new saturation effects.

Source: Eventide website (13 February 2022)


Empress Effects Inc. is a guitar and bass effects company based in Ottawa, Ontario. The company was founded by Steve Bragg and their effects are renowned for sophisticated digital control, preset storage and MIDI integration with analog technology. Empress Effects started in 2005, after Bragg had graduated from  Queens University with a degree in electrical engineering. His friend commissioned a tremolo effects unit with a unique set of features. By the time he had made it his friend no-longer needed it but Steve sold it at a local used instruments store. The store liked it so much that they ordered 10 more and Empress Effects was born.

Source: Empress Effects website (13 February 2022)


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