• Gibson ES-335 Pro electric guitar
    Gibson ES-335 Pro
  • Gibson ES-335 Pro (1979-1981) electric guitar
    Gibson ES-335 Pro


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1979 to 1981

GIBSON made the ES-335 PRO between 1979 and 1981. The ES-335 Pro had two uncovered high-output Dirty Finger humbuckers and came in Antique Sunburst or Cherry Red finish with chrome plated hardware. Gibson described the ES-335 Pro as follows (in 1979):

The ES-335 PRO is the Gibson guitar that 335 lovers have been desiring for years. The PRO is fitted with two new high output “Dirty Fingers" Humbucking pickups with twelve exposed coils. These are controlled by one tone control and two volume controls.  The ES-335 PRO has a hot sound, it was built for rock players who want to play fast and “dirty", this version of the 335 comes without the coil tap switch. A three position toggle switch selects either individual or both pickups. The PRO is fitted with black speed knobs. The 335 PRO features a chrome-plated Tune-o-matic bridge and is fitted with a stop bar tailpiece. The fingerboard is rosewood and is marked with pearl dot inlays. Machine heads are chrome-plated.  The ES-335 PRO is available in Antique Sunburst and Cherry Sunburst finishes.

According to Wayne Schaeffler: The ES-335 'Pro' did not have the coil tap (or split) switch as did the standard ES-335s of the 1970s-1980. It's controls consisted of 2-volume and 2-tone controls, with one set for each of the pickups. The different features distinguishing the ES-335 'Pro' included high output uncovered Dirty Finger pickups developed around 1979, a 5-piece headstock and 3-piece laminated maple neck in place of the traditional mahogany, the neck was slightly less wide across the fretboard, speed knobs in place of the traditional top hat or witch hats and a truss rod cover which bore the 'PRO' model name. Many examples have TP-6 tailpieces while some have standard stop tailpieces. It is unclear whether this was done at the factory or was the result of changes made after purchase.

Specifications (25)


Pickup selector controls3-way selector switch
Tone controls1 tone control
Volume controls2 volume controls


Pickups brand and modelGibson Dirty Fingers pickup(s)
Pickups configuration2 humbucker pickups


Finish colorsred finish
Finish effectssunburst finish
Made inUSA
Number of strings6 strings
Scale length24.5 inches scale-length


Body back materialmaple body back
Body sides materialmaple body sides
Body styleES-335 style
Body top materialmaple body top
Hollow bodysemi-hollow body
Soundhole2 f-holes


Bridgetune-o-matic bridge
Hardware colorchrome hardware
Tailpiecestop tailpiece


Fingerboard materialrosewood fingerboard
Fingerboard position markersdot fingerboard position markers


Neck jointset neck
Number of frets22 fret
Peghead (headstock)crown headstock
Tuner layoutthree-each-side

Prices (22)

1987£625goodStill a lovely guitar to play.
1981$1300newSweet player
1997$1600.00excellentJI bought this Guitar from " Marina Music" in Culver City Ca, in 1997, in " New Condition". Supposedly, it was given as partial payment from Gibson during a photo shoot. When I bought it, there were literally, no a scratches or marks on the guitar, the salesman was not sure what he was selling, nor was I, it was absolutely in " Mint Condition" The serial number on the Headstock is from 1979. It is not for sale, and I am only interested in it's value, The PRO ABSOLUTLY SCREAMS, it is one of those " Missed" opportunities", origionaly marketed to Fusion players, that did not catch on. The Dirty Fingers Pickups, and Stud Tailpiece produce the most incredible cutting lead lines you can imagine. I have played the PRO everywhere from Church to coffee houses to the Whiskey and it ALWAYS lays the competition Low ! It is a fantastic axe, buy one if you can find a real one !!!!
2013£1375excellentQuartusA beautiful guitar!
1980$880.00newKirby martinHas a nick at the edge that was done by my young sweet daughter Sarah.I still have the screw driver she did it with.
1979$1200.00newDonSurprise of low appraisal. still like new .
1992£700excellentRonaldSuper condition great to play great sound
2018€2000goodFranzGreat tone and personality
1979kr7200neweddiefine condition with patina
1975£750newSparky_ClarkeRhythm House, Stockport, Greater Manchester.UK.

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GIBSON ES-335 PRO reviewed by Andy Power

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The 1979 gibson 335 pro is a stunning guitar with a full sound that can also bite, the dirty finger pickups sound much better than the standard humbucker supplied with the 'non pro' models. Using the volumes and tones brings out so many tones and textures I have never played such a versatile sounding guitar. The 1979 335 pro are streets ahead of the standard 335's. I have a Les paul but it can't drive my amps like the 79' 335 pro, and it cand get sweeter.

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Es-335 Pro coil tap

Not sure who Wayne S. is but I have a 1980 Es-335 Pro with a coil tap that is original and have found reviews from gibson that state that it was an option.

Gibson ES-335 Pro / coil tap switch

Hello Keith, forgive me for not knowing who you are either. In any case, my comments/observations were meant to reflect my own experiences about a model many people don’t generally know very much about (I’ve owned two & viewed countless photos, but never came across one with a coil tap). I don’t claim to be an authority, just a person who’s spent a fair amount of time looking at this model. Out of curiosity, have you ever seen any photos of another Pro with a coil tap switch, and can you provide links to those reviews from Gibson describing it as an option? They’d be helpful in providing greater insight into the ES-335 Pro — the Gibson description of the Pro that I’ve seen clearly says they did not have the coil tap.

335pro coil tap

I have a ‘79 cherry red one with original coil tap.

Coil tap

My 1979 cherry red pro has NO coil tap. Maybe that was an ordering option.

Gibson Es-335 Pro

Hi....I forgot about this comment but just ran across it. If you get this and would like pictures of my Pro (Sunburst) I will send them.....I may have the article in my old files somewhere .....  I am getting ready to sell my collection of guitars and tubes amps which prompted me to start looking at consignment guitar shops.  Thanks for your first reply .... you probably know a lot more about guitars than I do. I played for some bands back in the early 70s....and have been collecting since early 90s. Will wait to see if you see this and answer.