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DOD Boneshaker

Dod Boneshaker Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

The DOD Boneshaker distortion pedal is designed specifically with versatile 3-Band Parametric EQ for extended-range guitars, baritone and bass. In addition to the Boneshakers Distortion, Depth and Level controls, it also features independent Low Level, Low Frequency, Mid Level, Mid Frequency, High Level and High Frequency controls. The Boneshaker is true bypass and the power supply input makes it pedalboard-friendly.

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Bogner Burnley V2

Bogner Burnley V2 Classic Distortion With Transformer Guitar Effects Pedal Purple

The Bogner Burnley V2 is a revoiced new version of the Burnley distortion pedal in a compact size. It has an integrated studio-quality transformer with great dynamics. The circuit is all analogue and has a jewel light which reacts to your playing dynamics. Controls are gain, level and tone with a fat/tight toggle switch.

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Divided by 13

Divided by 13 amplification is a Southern California guitar amps maker founded by Fred Taccone. Taccone's experience with amplifiers started while he was still at school in Fullerton, California when he had a part-time job with Risson Amplifiers making power amps. After high school he went to college to study business, electronics and recording engineering. During college in his spare time he worked at Fender and Music Man. After several years working in concert promotion, machine shops and as a pro-guitar player, Taccone settled down with a job repairing amps for Chris Ramano's Black Market music store & several others. Repairing amps led to tweaking amps then building amps for various West Coast players and the company grew from there.


Yerasov Music Corporation was founded by Alexander Yerasov in 1988. Yerasov was born in 1953 in the Soviet Union and started out by building tube amplifiers using parts from broken sound equipment from movie theaters. When Perestroika happened in the Soviet Union, Yerasov took the opportunity to launch his own company and hired a talented group of engineers to design and make his products. Yerasov is now a well known amplifier and effects brand worldwide.

Source: Yerasov Music Corporation website (11 July 2023)


Messiah Guitars specialize in unique relic guitars featuring tops made out of reclaimed cigar boxes. Most of them have hand-wound pickups made by Rob Timmons at Arcane, Inc. Their guitars are made to order. You decide if you want them to make design decisions or if you want to be involved in every step of the build. Messiah also make custom hand-wired tube amplifiers and guitar pedals. Some finished models are available directly from Messiah, or at Impulse Music Company in Canyon Country, CA. The company was founded by Tom Hejda.

Source: Messiah Guitars website (29 November 2023)

God City Instruments

Kurt Ballou founded God City Instruments (GCI) in 2011. Ballou  is the owner of God City Recording Studio owner as well as the guitarist for Converge. He started off making guitars and snare drums for himself and his friends but it took until 2016 for the first commercial GCI product release. This was the Brutalist Jr. DIY PCB distortion pedal- initially designed as a business card for the studio. This was a huge success and spurred Kurt on to design more effects pedals including the SBD Fuzz, the Medicine Boost and the Riffchild. Small runs of the pedals were made in the studio basement and sold online via the GCI Reverb shop. The full scale commercial launch of GCI was in 2019 and now the product range includes guitars, basses, effects and you can still get the DIY effects PCBs that started it all.

Source: God City Instruments website (23 September 2022)


Swart Amplifier Co. was founded by Michael Swart, a musician and recording engineer and studio owner from Wilmington, NC. Swart started building custom tube amps to satisfy his need for a small recording amp for studio and home use with great tone and distortion characteristics, but flexible and quiet enough for recording use. This led to the development of the Swart Space Tone amp, soon followed by the Atomic Space Tone model. The Swart range now includes a wide range of retro style amp heads and combos as well as guitar effects pedals.

Source: Swart Amplifier Co. website (19 June 2022)


Lyman Guitar Company was founded in 2017 by Art Tantiyawarong and Sophia Woods . Art & Sophia initially ran a music store Yellow Mama Music in Lyman, South Carolina. In 2017 in collaboration with Thai Musical Instrument Distributor Bank they established BAS Industries (Bank, Art & Sophia) a musical instrument distributor selling various brands. They launched Lyman amplifiers in 2018 soon followed by the Lyman CS (Custom Shop) range of electric guitars. In 2019 Lyman Guitar Co. and TYMA Guitars entered into an exclusive partnership (Tyma by Lyman) to expand the Lyman acoustic line while introducing the TYMA name to the United States. In 2020 Lyman introduced a line of more affordable imported guitars.

Source: Five Minutes with Lyman Guitar Co.'s Staff. Music & Sound Retailer August 2021, Vol 38 No 8


AMUMU is a Chinese guitar accessories brand name. It has been around since 2017 and was registered in the US in 2020 by Cuijuan Ding (Eaglevox Corporation) of Guandong, China - but currently has an address in Hong Kong. The word AMUMU doesn't mean anything!

Source: AMUMU website (27 April 2022)

Source: USPTO Trademark Search


Blaxx is a guitar effects brand owned by Brussels based musical instrument distributor EMD Music (owner of Stagg, J.N. Guitars and Angel Lopez brands). The Blaxx brand name was launched around 2016.


Xvive was founded in 2014 (as Xvive Audio) by the husband-and-wife team of Nancy Lee and Fischer Mao. Their first product was to resurrect the MN3005 bucket brigade chip. Soon followed a line of effect pedals in collaboration with German guitarist Thomas Blug. These included the W3 Memory Analog Delay—designed by Howard Davis (designer of the legendary Deluxe Memory Man) and including the new MN3005 chip. In 2016, Xvive entered the wireless market with the U2 Guitar Wireless System. This paved the way for other wireless systems, designed for microphones (U3), in-ear monitors (U4), MIDI (MD1) and audio for video (U5). Xvive products are manufactured in Shenzhen, China - where they also make products for other top music brands. 2020-2021 saw the release of the P1 Portable Phantom Power Supply, the MD1 MIDI Wireless System, and the U5 Wireless Audio for Video System.

Source: Xvive website (1 May 2022)


Dunable Guitars was founded by Sacha Dunable, the guitarist and singer of prog-metal band Intronaut. Dunable has been making guitars since 2011: he started out in his garage and by 2014 he was able to go full time as a guitar builder. Dunable USA Custom Shop instruments and pickups are still built in Southern California by a small team of 6-7 people. There are also mass produced Dunable instruments like the DE series introduced in 2020 which is made in South Korea. They also make effects pedals and previously made amp heads.

Source: Dunable Guitars website (17 March 2022)


Valeton is a Chinese effects pedal brand. The team behind Valeton had been producing designing and building products for other brands for 10 years before coming together as a single company, with a new catalogue of original designs. The range  includes affordable effects pedals, multi-fx processors and amplifiers.

Source: Valeton website (14 March 2022)


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