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Nady Systems Inc was founded in the 1970s by John Nady who developed and refined wireless mircrophone systems for musicians. Although best known for their hugely successful wireless systems, Nady also introduced Nady Lightning guitars and basses in the 1980s with built in wireless transmitters - these were initially made in Japan by Fernandes. Nady also produce guitar amplifiers (with built in wireless receivers) and a wide range of effects pedals.

Source: Nady Systems Inc website (16 July 2018)


Moollon Musical Instruments is a Korean company that makes boutique guitar & bass effects as well guitars and basses. Moollon was founded in 2002 by Young Joon Park and CG Ji, guitar builders who studied sculpture at the same art school in the 1980s. Their first product was the Moollon Overdrive pedal soon followed by a few custom guitars. Moollon pedals often have metal cases etched with designs from traditional Korean art.  By 2010 they had a workforce of 5.

Source: Moollon website (19 June 2018)

Source: Guitar Jar Moollom interview (2010)


Marveltone was a brand name of Targ & Dinner a wholesale instrument distributer from Chicago, used from 1926 until the early 1990s. Up to the 1960s Marveltone acoustic guitars would have been made by the big Chicago factories such as Kay, Harmony and Regal, whereas later Marveltones would have been made in Japan or Korea.

Source: Guitar Stories: The Histories of Cool Guitars. Michael Wright. 2000. Hal Leonard,

Source: Marveltone catalog 1960

Source: Targ and Dinner catalog 1950


Multivox was founded in 1946 as the guitar and amplifier manufacturing subsiduary of the Sorkin Music Company founded by Peter Sorkin in 1938. Mutlivox also made Premier brand amplifiers. After Sorkin Music closed in 1970, Multivox carried on until 1984 selling amplifers and Japanese made synthesizers and effects pedals.

Source: Sorkin catalogs 1950s to 1970

Source: Guitar Amplifier Encyclopedia. Brian Tarquin



Loco Amplifiers and LocoBox Effects were Aria brand names. The pedals were handmade (from the late 1970s onwards) by a small team in Urawa, in Saitama, Japan who sold their pedals to Aria,  Although the main brand name was Locobox, they also produced identical pedals under different brand names including: Electra, Volz, Nadines, Cutec, Pearl, Gig, Powervoice, Studio Series and even a few Yamaha pedals.The company was then aquired by Aria who started producing Loco amplifiers as well.

Source: Loco and LocoBox catalogs 1981.

Source: Jaimie Muehlhausen's Unofficial LocoBox website (archived 2006)

Positive Grid

Positive Grid is based in California, with satellite operations in Europe and Asia.Since 2008, the company has designed and developed a core technology base and is currently expanding it to various applications for mobile, desktop, and hardware. Positive Grid’s best-known product range features the JamUp, BIAS Amp, and BIAS FX amp-and-effects guitar processor software, as well as the BIAS Pro pedal line, and the BIAS Head and BIAS Rack amplifiers.

Source: Positive Grid website (27 November 2017)


The Japanese Pearl Drum company bought the Hayashi acoustic guitar company in the early 1970s, and began selling Pearl branded acoustic guitars made by Hayashi. There were also Pearl Export Series solid body electric guitars and basses made by Matsumoku from the mid-1970s to mid-1980s. The Pearl Musical Instrument company also sold a range of effects pedals and solid state amplifiers in the 1980s.

Source:  Jack Westheimer Pioneer of Global Guitarmaking. By Michael Wright. Vintage Guitar Magazine

Source: Pearl Guitars...brought to you by Matsumoku and Hayashi

Source: 1983 Pearl Effects catalog


JOYO TECHNOLOGY is a Chinese company specializing in R&D, manufacturing and marketing digital products for music education. There are two brands under JOYO TECH: JOYO and Dr. J. Their main products include: Effects Pedals, Guitar Amplifiers, Tube Amplifiers, Rock House, Metronomes, Tuners, EQ systems, Drum Practice Pads, Pedal Controllers, Synthesizers, E-Erhus, Wireless Systems, Audio Cables, and Portable Power Supplies.

Source: JOYO website (1 November 2017)

Josh Parkin (JPG)

Josh Parkin is from Yorkshire England and has been making guitars since 2003. He relocated Josh Parkin Guitars (JPG) to Osaka, Japan in 2012. JPG is a small company, with three employees, that makes custom guitars and basses. They also produce semi-custom (F-line) guitars and basses, make Hand-Wired Effects Pedals, offer repair, maintenance and mod services, as well as importing and selling guitar parts including brands such as Bare Knuckle Pickups, Delano Bass Pickups, (John) Eask UK Preamps, Hipshot, and TonePros.

Source JPG website


The Biyang brand was launched in 2003 as an affordable guitar effects range made in Shanxi province, China. In 2007 Biyang launched the Tone Fancier range - with mirror surfaced matching stainless steel control panels. The Biyang Baby Boom pedals were released in 2010 - these were miniature colorful pedals. In 2012 Biyang released the Classical Series, with pedals based on iconic designs of the past (e.g. the Biyang DS-12 is modelled on the 1980s RAT distortion pedal).  2015 saw the launch of the Biyang Live Master series -  a modular pedal board multifx system.

Source: Biyang website


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