PEAVEY Impact 1 Unity #unknown

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S Semanski

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Limited run of roughly 75 in 1988.  Many more Unity series basses around.  These are as rare as hens teeth these days with a total of 9 accounted for in 10 years of searching.  Solid Koa, neck through with Bloodwood stringers, hand-rubbed Tung oil finish, (FAST neck!). Ebony fret board.  Kahler trem.  Non-original pick-ups in this one, I have no idea, and can't find any info on, what the originals were.  One of the best electrics I've ever used in 40+ years of using a boatload of different axes..... 


peavy unity series impact 1

I guess i own the 11th. She's heavy, solid, super resonant natural wood. Fastest neck ever. Plays like butter.

RE: I guess I’m #12

Looks like I’ve got #12! All original including original hard shell case...I’ve been searching for production quantities for over 10yrs so thanks for the post!

If anyone wants pics just let me know. I’ll bookmark this page to check back.


I'd like to know your serial number, I've been trying to compile a list, and so far I have seen a span from 03358271 to 03358296.

That represents 25 units.

I now own 03358296

Any idea of the value????

Very nice guitar incredible condition.

I used to own 03358298

Got it from daddy's junky music in NH in early 90's on clearance for very little. I regret parting with it (for next to nothing).

Koa Impact I

Bought this guitar new in 1987, serial no.. #03358228  it's  in very good condition .  I  plan to  attend  the Antique  Road  Show with it ,when it comes to my city.  This guitar , rare that it is, needs to be  evaluated as one of the best  guitars  made in the U S A and  for collectors  inquiry  to own one. Thank You. Eddie