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Guitarras Almansa was established in 1989 in Muro del Alcoy (Alicante) as a manufacturer of Classical and Flamenco guitars. They trained their workers in the Madrid style of construction with the help of local master luthiers. At first they made guitars for the European markets but soon were exporting to Asia and America as well. They offer Student, Conservatory and Concert instruments, in an attempt to respond both to the needs of beginners  and experienced players. They are located in Muro del Alcoy (Alicante) and they manufacture their classic and flamenco guitars in a whole range of scale lengths (1/2 guitars and Cadete guitars), as well as cutaway guitars equipped with preamp systems.

Source: Guitarras Almansa website (11 January 2022)


The Guild Guitar Company was founded in 1952 by Alfred Dronge and George Mann. Dronge was a guitarist and music-store owner and George Mann had worked as an executive with the Epiphone Guitar Company. The Guild brand name is currently owned and used by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.


Paul Gruen's guitars are aimed at Gypsy style jazz players looking for an alternative to the Selmer and Maccaferri style instruments. Gruen's guitars combine elements of Selmer Mac, archtop, and flattop construction, to produce a sound which has the bite and projection of Selmer Macs, coupled with more warmth and sustain. Tone is variable by inserting wooden "stoppers" into any one or two of the four oval soundholes. Gruen's guitars are available in 16", 17", and 18" lower bout widths, and in various woods. Circa 2017 Paul Gruen was not building guitars and his website was inactive.

Source: Gruen Guitars website


In the early 1970s Steve Grimes studied with a violin maker and worked in instrument repair before setting up his own workshop in Seattle to make arched top mandolins. After making mandolins exclusively for the first two years Grimes began to make arched top guitars in 1974. In 1982 he added flat-top acoustics and classical guitars to his product line up. He also relocated from Washington to Kula, Hawaii in 1982. Since moving to Hawaii Grimes now also makes slack key guitars and ukuleles. Grimes makes around 20 guitars a year,

Source: Grimes Guitars website (23 August 2017)


John Greven began working for George Gruhn at Gruhn Guitars in the late 1960s repairing and restoring vintage acoustic guitars. Having now established his own custom guitar building workshop in Portland Oregon he uses his experience of working on vintage instruments to recreate the look, feel and sound of the best pre-war acoustic guitars. Greven builds his guitars one at a time - priced from around $4,200 to $12,000 depending on the type of wood chosen and the amount of ornamentation or custom work.

Source: Greven guitars website (21 August 2017)


Kim Griffin began repairing fiddles and guitars in 1976. In 1977 he attended a course at the School of Guitar Research and Design in Vermont, taught by Charles Fox and George Morris. From then on he began making hammered dulcimers, banjos, mandolins as well as doing repairs and restorations. Currently Griffin works in a studio in Greenwich NY, building guitars of 5 basic body styles, mandolins, banjos, and hammered dulcimers.

Source Griffin website


Sven Gonstead attended the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery after graduating from University. After Roberto-Venn, Sven was determined to make a career as an instrument maker. Sven went to work for the Santa Cruz Guitar Company.
In time, he moved home to the Midwest and started his own guitar workshop. Sven now lives in Big Bay, Michigan where he specializes in producing high quality acoustic and resophonic guitars.

Source: Gonstead guitars website (19 July 2017)


Steve Gilchrist's interest in instrument making began as a teenager in the 1970s when he met violin maker Johnny Johnson - who lent him advice, books and tools. In 1979 he went to work at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville in the repair department - which proved to be a life changing experience. Steve is now best known for his mandolins which he makes in small batches in his workshop at Lake Gnotuk, Australia.

Source: Gilchrist Mandolins & Guitars web page (15 July 2017)


Robert Girdis grew up in Santa Clara, California. When he was in his early teens, his older brother sat him down and told him to listen to a recording of Doc Watson playing "Black Mountain Rag". It was to become a primer for Robert's musical tastes and soon he was seeking out music of other roots-based artists, which ultimately led to a desire to learn to play the guitar. His first guitar was a 12-string which as Girdis recalls "…it had impossibly high action, so I strung it with only six strings and began to learn some chords". After a few years of struggling along with this guitar, his brother found a used 000-18 in a friend's music shop, and his family presented it to him as a gift. Robert attended West Valley College in Saratoga, Ca. where he studied Psychology and Electronics.


Geneva International Corporation was a musical instrument distributer based in Wheeling, Illinois. The company was founded by Earl Matzkin to import pianos from Czechoslovakia. They also imported stringed instruments from China, Korea, Romania and the Czech Republic - and were the US distributer of Amada guitars until 1997. The company distributed Geneva branded acoustic guitars, made in the Czech republic, during the 1980s and 1990s.

Source: Geneva International Corp website (archived 2003)


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