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Martin lawsuit acoustic guitar logos

In 1970s Japan there was a healthy industry making copies of the popular Martin dreadnought acoustic models. These are often referred to as "lawsuit guitars" because Martin contacted these Japanese manufacturers in the 1970s (or early 1980s) asking them to stop copying their logo. I don't know whether there was ever an actual lawsuit. Many of these copies had logos that also copied the Martin style. Here are some of the ones I have found so far:


JJ Abrams likes Star Wars Guitars!

Tom Bingham, a maker of custom star wars guitars from Corby in the UK, has had his work praised by the director of the next Star Wars film. Tom received a personal note from JJ Abrams the director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), the latest film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

You can see all of Tom's Star Wars guitars here; Link Bingham Star Wars series.

The series includes the following models:

Stunt guitarist

Inverted Guitarist Daniel Robert Angelo performing in the Circus of Horrors

Nineteen year old Swansea guitarist Daniel Robert Angelo should have expected the unusual when he applied for a job as a guitarist in the Circus of Horrors. He later found out that part of the job required him to play upside down while rolling around in a giant wheel. Daniel, a professional guitarist for four years, took it in his stride and soon learned the wheel performance technique from expert Aerialist Denis Remnev. Remnev himself performed the wheel stunt as part of Take That's 2009 Circus tour.

Paul Tutmarc Electric Bass Pioneer

Paul Tutmarc - bass guitar pioneer

Although Leo Fender was the first to mass produce the electric bass guitar in the 1950s, Seattle musician Paul Tutmarc could be considered its true inventor.

Born in 1896, Tutmarc started playing Hawaiian-steel guitar at the age of 15, and was soon working as a touring musician. In 1917 Tutmarc arrived at Seattle, began work in the shipyards and raised a family. By 1926 Tutmarc was singing on the local radio station and on the stage, and by 1931 he was teaching guitar from a studio in down-town Seattle.

Homer Simpson invents guitar

H. Homer Simpson guitar patent

H. Homer Simpson filed this patent for an adjustable guitar bridge and neck attachment system in 1935. Homer designed the neck joint to have a minimal amount of contact between neck and body, as he thought this would increase the tonal value of the instrument and increase the overall volume.
Other inventions by Homer Simpson include a shotgun which shoots make-up onto women's faces, a difficult to control electric hammer, and a reclining chair with a built-in toilet.

Ubertar Hexaphonic Pickups

Ubertar passive hexaphonic pickup

Paul Rubenstein has suceeded in making a passive hexaphonic pickup that fits into a single coil space. Paul is a guitar player and teacher as well as an inventor (of the alumitar for example). These pickups have a separate coil for each string, allowing you to process each one indidivually. For example you could pan strings to the left or right, or have different effects on each string.

Solidbodies guitar documentary


SOLIDOBODIES, The 50 YEAR GUITAR WAR focuses on the competitive influences that have made the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul the most popular electric guitars during the rock era. This is the story of their design & sounds, the people behind the instruments and the battle for rock 'n' roll supremacy that began more than a half-century ago. 

London Guitar Show 2008 report


If you didn't make it to the London Guitar Show, don't worry. G L Wilson has posted an in depth report on Guitar Blog complete with plenty of photos.

Guitar Blog is essential reading for anyone interested in guitar gear, Wilson regularly trawls e-bay for the floating detritus of the guitar industry, and presents the more unusual specimens on his website.

Link: Guitar Blog

Six String Nation Guitar


The Six String Nation guitar is a unique custom instrument made by luthier George Rizsany. It is made from 64 items and each one represents an important aspect of Canadian history or culture.

It contains pieces of historical wood: like part of Wayne Gretzky’s hockey stick and Nancy Greene’s childhood skis. There is also an ammolite carved buffalo skull from the Blood Tribe, as well as animal bone/tusks, minerals, metals and wooden bits from historic buildings.

Stewarts Banjo and Guitar Journal


The University of Rochester have made available online issues of S.S. Stewart’s banjo and guitar journal from the 1890s. S.S. Stewart was a banjo and mandolin manufacturer and this magazine was intended to promote his instruments though a network of dealers. Taking a closer look you find many interesting  (and weird) stories from a time when there was nothing much on T.V. 

Fender Aquires Kaman Music


Fender Musical Instruments Corporation has announced that it is has aquired the Kaman Music Corportation (KMC). KMC owns Ovation Guitars, Genz Benz Amps, Hamer guitars and is the worldwide distributor of Takamine brand acoustic guitars.

KMC is a subsiduary of the Kaman Corporation founded by Charles Kaman, whose experience in areospace composite materials technology led to the Ovation roundback guitar. The deal was done for around $117 million.

Alesis AirFX guitar


This video shows how Carlos Vamos incorporated an Alesis AirFX into a specially designed guitar body. The AirFX is an effects unit that connects to any line-level sound source. You control the effects unit by moving you hand over the black circular bit ( which senses the movement of your hand within an invisible 3D sphere). You can move in any direction to modify the effect number of ways. OK, so you could do this with a foot pedal but where's the fun in that?

Maps of guitar shops


You can now browse for guitar shops and services on guitar-list using Google maps. Go to the shops and services page and choose your country, next each of your country's states or provinces is a map link which will take you to a Google map.

You can zoom or pan the map, and even look at a satellite image, with the guitar shop markers overlayed. (In the language of the internet 2.0 this is a mashup of the guitar-list database with Google maps!)

Hemp guitar


The Austrian Mada brand have introduced a range of cool looking hemp bodied guitars, a product of several years of research and development. Their hollow bodies are a hemp fiber and cellulose composite and their maple necks are bolted on to a mahogany sustain block in the body. There is a choice of colours but no other custom options.


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