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Ronald L. Bracken is the founder of Bracken Guitars. He describes why he founded the company:

"After studying the guitar industry as a whole, I saw a great need to modernize and revamp the old tired ways of doing things. I immediately recognized the demand for old-world craftsmanship and quality, the need for rare worldwide materials sourcing, and the leading innovations in manufacturing innovations . I feel very fortunate to have placed a great team together, bringing Bracken Guitars to fruition."

Bracken produces a range solid body, archtop and bass guitars.


Lizet Albor established Albor Custom Guitars in 2017. Previously she had made guitars in partneship with Paul Ortiz Murcio as Distorted Branch. She has been making electric guitars and basses since around 2008 and has a background in electronic engineering and architecture, She makes instruments from vintage to contemporary styles and combines traditional Mexican luthiery with contemporary techniques and elements from Mexican design, art and culture using local woods to create unique electric instruments.


Huub Boel started Bo-El Guitars in 1991 -  building custom guitars in a small workshop in The Hague in The Netherlands. Bo-El also produce a more affordable range of guitars under the Nicky B brand name.


Gauthier Anciaux was an illustrator & graphic designer by training and amateur musician, when he discovered luthiery in 2005.  He has made numerous styles of guitar 6, 7, 8, 12 (6x2) strings; 4, 5, 6 string bass, fretted or fretless; left; double handle; magnetic + piezo, etc. He has also worked on dozens of factory instruments so in addition to his custom creations, he also offers repairs and modification services.

Benoît Lavoie

Benoît Lavoie is a Canadian luthier who specialises in archtop and flat top acoustic guitars. Beyond their aesthetic refinement, his instruments offer the musician a truly unique blend of acoustic balance and power. He strives for a consistently high sound quality in every instrument he makes - using an advanced acoustic analysis system he has developed in partnership with a company specializing in acoustic measurement.  One thing that underlines Benoît’s craft is how he chooses to blend tonewoods, sometimes treading the classical route, sometimes experimenting with bold modern combinations. The delicate and simple ornamentations and his meticulous attention to details help bring out beauty and uniqueness of the wood. Although his work is based on the great stringed-instrument making tradition, he constantly seeks to redefine his approach so as to achieve the ultimate sound quality of the instrument.


Jean-Filip Boisclair, he started his workshop in 1999  in Shawinigan. After three years of luthiery studies at Cégep Limoilou in Quebec, he created his own line of instruments and undertook advanced training in the manufacture of acoustic guitars with Serge Michaud. Boisclair specializes in the manufacture and repair of violins and violas as well as manufacturing and repairing electric and acoustic guitars and basses



Gabriele Ballabio is an Italian luthier who started out working as a sound assistant at Carimate's Lark Recording Studio. He trained as a cabinetmaker and then as a master luthier and bowmaker at the Gubbio luthiery school studying with M. Ildebrando and S. Guerriero (where he then worked as a teacher for the following 4 years). In 1997 he opened his luthiery workshop for the repair and the restoration and construction of classical bowed instruments and guitars. His passion for the guitar led him to specialize in the construction techniques of this instrument - under the guidance of Maestro G. Giussani. Today he offers his own personal guitar models: classical, archtop, flat top, electric, acoustic and bass. He also offers replicas of historical models.

Anastasio Fasanaro

Anastasio Fasanaro was inspired to become a luthier when he visited the workshop of Antonino Scandurra. At the beginning he only built electric guitars, then he started with basses and later on with classical and acoustic guitars. He applies a forward thinking approch and does not like traditionalism for its own sake. Of course the instrumentss of the great masters of the past remain points of absolute reference, but he tries to build acknowledging that we are in the second decade of the 21st century. He uses epoxy resins, aliphatic glues but also hot hide glue where needed, polyurethane paints and carbon fiber.

Source: Anastasio Fasanaro website (13 January 2020)


Armas Guitars is located in the town of Catania, a city on the Italian Island of Sicily with a rich history of musical instrument manufacturing. Armas make the "Brave" amplifier brand, as well as electric, acoustic and bass guitars


Francesco Bedini is a qualified master luthier who began making acoustic, electric and bass guitars after graduation. He also studied under Galeazzo Frudua to get diplomas in modern luthiery, specializing first in "setup of solid body and acoustic instruments", later in "construction and painting of solid body instruments". He then went on to establish his own workshop - combining his knowledge and experience of classical and modern luthiery


Alfonso Camarota is an Italian maker of electric basses and guitars. After studying with master luthiers and studying in an international institute for luthiery he worked for twenty years as a musician. He began to work with wood and started making musical instruments. His specialty is conceiving and designing, as well as actually producing and repairing stringed instruments of the highest quality, transforming them into veritable modern works of art. His workshop is located in Piana di Monte Verna, a little town just a few miles from Caserta.


Bacce is the brand name of Daniel Cabezas a custom guitar maker based in Madrid. In 2016 Daniel Cabeza was awarded the Charter of Artisan and the workshop was awarded the Charter of Artisan Business in Madrid.


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