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Chuck Lohf II started repairing old guitars in 2000 and by 2007 he began building a series of hollow body guitars made of plywood with pre-made necks. In 2013 he began making entire guitars by hand from scratch. With original designs, making everything from neck to body to pickups. All of them are completed with oil and wax finishes. No sprayed paint or varnished finishes.

Christoph Seewald

Austrian Luthier Christoph Seewald produces steel string models as well as Spanish concert guitars in his workshop in Graz. Seewald and also produces electric guitars, electric and acoustic bass on request. He is particularly interested in 19th-century Viennese guitar making, whose technology and design language are partially forgotten.


Tenon Industrial Co. Ltd was founded in 1979 in Taiwan by Mr. Chang, as a supplier of affordable musical instruments. Tenon was best known for making saxophones but 1989 they expanded their production line to include electric guitars and ukuleles, building an instrument factory to increase production capabilities. In 1999 Tenon launched their own brand, Chateau. The inspiration for the name of Chateau came from Mr. Chang’s hometown, which is pronounced similarly to the French word “Château”.

Source: Chateau website (4 February 2020)


Rondo Music is an American owned and operated musical instrument distributor, founded in 1959. Rondo Music sells a variety of musical instruments including electric guitars, acoustic guitars, guitar amps, banjos, and other stringed instruments. Currently their main focus is on their SX Guitars, Agile Guitars, Douglas Guitars, Hadean Guitars, Sprite Guitars, Omega Guitars, Brice Basses, and CNB Cases. The instruments are imported from a variety of countries including China, Taiwan, and Korea (and in the past from Sweden & Italy).


Federico Cesarini became a Master Luthier in 2012 after training at the Scuola di Mastri Liutai e Archettai in Gubbio. He opened his own business in Perugia in January 2012 where he makes, repairs, and customizes  acoustic, electrical and electrified instruments, snare drums and bows. He has participated in master classes, competitions and expositions representing the luthier's art and craft -  in 2015 his violin won in an private competition between Italian high-level violin makers.

Source: Liuteria Cesarini website (31 Janaury 2020)


Lionel Cau is a French luthier who builds his own custom designed electric, acoustic and bass guitars in St-Julian-Mon-Denis near the French Alps.


Hugues Castillon has been making electric guitars and basses in Reunion since the late 1990s. He is self taught and started out by making the standard Strat and Tele style guitars but after several years he began to make carved top Les Paul and PRS style models, using sunburst finishes and experimenting with bodies in one or more parts sometimes with different rare woods (including an Archtop with an Eucalyptus body).


Carella Guitars is run by Giuseppe (Beppe) Carella and Daniela Bruno in Umbria, near Orvieto, Italy. They hand-make electric guitars and basses as well as custom pickups and effects pedals for guitars, basses and keyboards. Beppe Carella is a master luthier, experienced in the production of electric guitars and basses and has had numerous collaborations with established Italian artists (Gatto Panceri, Toti Panzanelli, Valter Vincenti, etc ...).

Source: Carella Guitars website (29 January 2020)

Roman & Lipman

Roman & Lipman was a brand name briefly used by Ed Roman and Barry Lipman in the early 1980s. Roman was the designer and Lipman the luthier and they were based in Danbury, Connecticut at the East Coast Music Mall.

Source: Roman & Lipman bass ad on


Matteo Caminada is an Italian luthier, born in 1978. He began playing the guitar and age 17 and immediately started to customize his own instruments. He then started to customize his friends guitars and began to build guitars gradually developing insights into various techniques with a lot of practice. Finally he was able to pursue a career as a maker of custom electric & acoustic guitars and basses.

Calmon (Benjamin)

Benjamin Calmon was originally a bass player who began making instruments as a teenager. He makes his own standard ranges of basses and guitars (these start at around €1500) but also creates custom models to your own specification (starting around €1800). Calmon is based in South West France and attaches particular importance to working with local timber suppliers (walnut, alder from Aveyron, Vosges maple) to limit the use of exotic woods such as mahogany in his instruments.

Source: Calmon Benjamin website (28 January 2020).



Rokkomann is a Japanese musical instrument distributor. Rokkomann brands include Maya and Asturias. Rokkomann was founded in 1962 and has its head office in Kobe as well as a Tokyo Sales Office and the Asturias Guitar Factory in Kyushu and a Korean Factory (Super Light Case Co., Ltd.).

Source: Rokkomann website (27 January 2020)


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